Probably because of Google Pixel's inherent focus on the photography side of things, Google Camera doesn't offer as many features or controls when it comes to videos. However, that's slowly changing, and the Google Camera 8.2 update makes it easier than ever to shoot one.

The update builds on the quick capture feature — released with Google Camera 7.1 — that allows users to shoot videos by simply holding down the shutter button. Now, you can simply swipe left while long-pressing the shutter button to initiate hands-free capture, instead of having to keep your finger on the display to continue shooting.

Image: XDA Developers

This tiny tweak makes it easier to shoot videos as it saves you the hassle of specifically switching to video mode. You can still hold and swipe up to zoom in while taking videos.

The feature is available with the Google Camera v8.2.204, which is rolling out now on the Google Play Store. Alternatively, you can sideload the update from APK Mirror.

Google Camera
Google Camera
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