Since time immemorial, users have been begging Twitter for the ability to edit tweets. While it's unlikely that this will be a reality anytime soon — Jack Dorsey hinted at this in an interview — we may see a feature that addresses the problem, at least partially.

Reverse engineering wizard, Jane Manchun Wong, has found evidence suggesting that Twitter is working on an "Undo Send" timer for tweets. As seen below, it will seemingly allow users to quickly delete a tweet after it's been posted, similar to Gmail's unsend email feature.

While this doesn't completely address the need for editable tweets, it will come in handy if you want to correct typos before someone ridicules you.

Reuters reached out to Twitter, and a spokesperson confirmed that the feature is in testing as part of its nascent premium features. Those possible changes include a paid "super follow" that would let Twitter influencers earn money from the platform. There's no timeline for when such changes might be coming.

Premium features aren't a lock for Twitter, so it's possible that the undo button could be implemented in the app and on the web with or without a subscription or in-app purchases.

Twitter responds

Added confirmation and premium information from Reuters.

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