Sonos speakers are highly regarded, but they don't come cheap. The company's least expensive product is the One SL, a stripped-down model that takes the smart speaker functionality out of the One, and it's still $180. A new leak shows two firsts for Sonos: a speaker designed with throw-it-in-your-backpack portability in mind, and one that's a hair cheaper than anything else it offers.

The Verge reports that the Sonos Roam is coming on April 20th. It's essentially a shrunken-down version of the Sonos Move, which includes a battery and both Wi-Fi for standard Sonos multi-room connections and Bluetooth for playing directly from a phone or PC. Like the Sonos One, it has a microphone for Google Assistant and Alexa voice commands. You can get stereo functionality out of the Wi-Fi mode if you have a pair of them, but on the go it'll work like a standard Bluetooth speaker. White and black color options will be available.

According to the leak, the Roam will cost $170, which still puts it at the higher end of the portable speaker market for its 6.5-inch size. But considering the dual wireless functionality, it's not unreasonable—JBL's similar Link Portable retails for $180. If you're feeling extra you'll be able to buy a wireless charging stand for an extra $50. All of this is leaked info, and as of now, is not confirmed.