One of the NVIDIA SHIELD's most impressive capabilities is running a Plex media server, something that isn't usually possible on a streaming set-top box. But some users have had issues with it for the last couple of months, complaining that a lack of updates has broken their home-built video streaming server. There's a straightforward solution: update the Plex server app on the Play Store, since the server won't update itself automatically.

The point of confusion here seems to be that, one, there are two different Plex apps for the SHIELD, and two, users of the Plex server on different platforms are used to initiating the update through the program itself. To be clear: if you're having issues connecting to media hosted on the SHIELD, be sure to update the Plex SHIELD server app, not the standard Plex player Android TV app. Users on the Plex forum and the NVIDIA SHIELD TV forum have reported that this fixes the problem. The latest version on the Play Store is, which fixed a scheduled task issue. Users can update the app manually through the SHIELD's Play Store interface.

There are plenty of other complaints about the Plex server app for the SHIELD among the reviews in the Play Store—it's currently sitting at a rather ho-hum 3.2 star rating. But if you're having issues connecting to media hosted through Plex on your SHIELD, give this a try before anything else.

Plex Media Server
Plex Media Server
Developer: Plex, Inc.
Price: Free
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