One of the benefits of our technological future-present is the automation of menial tasks, including cleaning our floors. If you're still sweeping and mopping by hand, now's your chance to join us in the 21st century by grabbing a Roborock vacuum, currently on sale at Amazon for up to $140 off.

Two vacuums are on sale today: the E4, a regular smart vacuum controllable by the Roborock app or Alexa, for $194.99 — that's a discount of $75 from its normal price — and the S6 Pure, a combination vacuum and mop with Google Assistant integration. That one will set you back $379.99, which represents a discount of $140.

These discounts are inflated, but you're still saving a bunch.

The sale is only good through the end of the day today, Pacific time, so you've got about ten hours as of writing to grab one. Hit the links below to learn more.