The clock face offerings on Google's Nest Hub devices have always been a little underwhelming, and it recently even dropped support for showing photos from Facebook and Flickr. Google is finally expanding its collection with three new clock faces for the Nest Hub and the Nest Hub Max, one of which shows both the time and weather concurrently.

You can check out these new clock faces in the Google Home app (Settings gear icon > Photo Frame > Full Screen Clock) or by simply asking your Nest Hub to "change clock face/wallpaper/photo frame." The Timeless faces are pretty similar to the old Contemporary design in that they have an analog watch face, except with the addition of a second hand.

The new Weather clock face is rather simple, with a centered digital clock and the weather forecast right below it. Its dynamic background reflects the current weather conditions where you, which is pretty neat.

9to5Google notes that these faces have been available on the Lenovo Smart Clock for a while now. If your devices are on cast firmware 1.52, you should be able to see the new options right away.

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