Google was among the first to herald the advent of mobile VR, but that daydream is slowly coming to an end. After the company halted the Cardboard SDK development and open-sourced it in 2019, it has now finally stopped selling the Cardboard hardware altogether in its online store.

The Cardboard has been circling the drain for a long time in the Google Store (last time we checked, Google only sold multi-packs but no single units), but the notice that it's no longer sold is new. The listing now says,

We are no longer selling Google Cardboard on the Google Store. We will continue to help the community build new experiences through our Cardboard open source project.

If you absolutely want to get your hands on one of the cardboard viewers, you can still purchase third-party solutions built on Google's specs, though. The question remains how long these will be supported — despite its commitment to the open-sourced platform, Google hasn't shown much interest in VR applications lately.


After launching the super-cheap, super-accessible Cardboard in 2014, Google continued to refine its applications and even built a more advanced platform with its Daydream View headsets two years later. But the headsets have long been sunset, and the underlying platform is also in stormy waters. Instead, Google focuses on AR features that don't require external hardware, like its Live View Maps navigation, Google Arts & Culture exhibitions, and its AR animals in Search.