Smart home owners looking for a new and improved way to access their lights will want to check out Philips' latest dimmer switch. Announced in January at the same time as the retrofit switch module, the new model is now available to buy from the Hue shop, and should be hitting the usual retailers soon. It's going for $24.99.

The new Dimmer Switch looks a lot like the old one, which can be installed into a standard light switch plate or stuck on anywhere else, since it's wireless and battery operated. This model retains the option to snap the button pad off the magnetic plate and use it as a remote, but the two center brightness buttons have been replaced with a rocker. Instead of on and off at the top and bottom respectively, there's a power button on top and a "Hue" button below for manually switching between customized scenes.

The included cover is slightly larger, so it should more reliably cover a single-switch plate without any kind of additional adapter. It has a modified battery cover, which can be changed out with a coin or key instead of needing a screwdriver. There are new options in the Hue app: you can change the behavior of the Hue button between times of day.

You'll need a Hue Hub in order to use the switch, as with almost all Hue hardware, and it can control up to ten connected lights at once. The Amarant linear outdoor light that was announced along with the new dimmer switch is also up on the Philips site, but it's unavailable to purchase at the moment.