The next time you launch Flipboard, it'll ask you for a location permission. The developers have been working on creating more focused content for specific cities, seen through the app's lens of impeccable layout and interface. It should be live in the Play Store now, or swiftly coming to you in the form of an app update.

This feature appears to be surfacing subjects and tags that already existed in Flipboard's topic system, making sure they're presented to users upon setup or first use. Flipboard says it now has "1,000 cities" working with the new format, which should cover all of the giant metropolises in the world—though I kind of doubt Stephenville, Texas is making the cut. The biggest cities will get individual tags for local Sports, Politics, Businesses, and Things To Do.

There's also renewed attention for video content, with "local publishers, blogs, and TV stations" highlighted. If you can't find your city in the list, Flipboard encourages you to tweet at the official account. Maybe there's hope for Stephenville after all.