Google has completely revamped the Play Movies & TV app as Google TV, and it looks like the new app is about to get some more functionality. 9to5Google has uncovered some strings that point at the integration of an on-screen remote, seemingly replacing the aging Android TV Remote Control app last updated in 2017.

<string name=”left_dpad_button_content_description”>move left</string>
<string name=”content_desc_enter_button”>enter</string>
<string name=”back_dpad_button_content_description”>back</string>
<string name=”searching_for_devices_hint”>Make sure the Android TV is in the same Wi-Fi or Ethernet network.</string>
<string name=”searching_for_devices_on_network_and_bluetooth”>Searching for Android TV on [YourNetworkName] and Bluetooth</string>

The evidence comes as part of the latest Google TV release, version 4.25 (APK Mirror). In it, 9to5Google managed to activate a pairing interface to initiate the connection between an Android TV device and the app, but the feature still seems under early development as the app wasn't able to find any devices, neither via Wi-Fi nor Bluetooth. The UI looks suspiciously similar to the one in the original Remote Control app, so we assume that Google is just opting for a straight port of the core functionality.

Left: Google TV pairing process. Right: Android TV Remote Control pairing process.

With the UI elements already in place and given that the original Android TV remote control app hasn't been updated for years, we wouldn't be surprised if Google added the functionality sooner rather than later. When the time comes, the company will probably retire the old app.

Android TV Remote Control
Android TV Remote Control
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