Google Forms has become one of the easiest ways to sign people up to activities, studies, and interviews or to gauge opinions on whether it'll be Italian, barbecue, or sushi for the party next week. But all those responses — including the private bits — is at risk when it all gets put with one person. Google has now decided to restrict who can transfer ownership of their form and the data that comes with it.

Personal Google accounts will no longer be able to transfer ownership of Google Forms to other personal accounts. G Suite for Education and Google Workspace users will still be able to, but only within their respective domains. The changes, which were announced on a Google Drive Help community post, were made as an alternative to removing the feature entirely.

In addition to ownership of the form, any Google Sheets spreadsheet that is linked to a Google Form — meaning new responses are automatically filled in — also can not have its ownership transferred. However, users can unlink the form from the sheet and transfer ownership of that sheet. That could be considered a loophole by some who don't consider the data they're gathering to be time-sensitive, but it's a step nonetheless.

All other Google Drive files including Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, My Maps, and Folders can still be transferred to new owners.