Sharing your computer with multiple people is a mess when using Chrome. You might run into your spouse's saved password or bookmarks, interfering with your browsing session and potentially even syncing over to your phone. You can mitigate these problems with the possibly little known Chrome profiles, accessible by clicking on your account image to the left of the ⋮ overflow menu. Google is rolling out a redesign to these profiles today, making it easy to pick your own color scheme.

The new personal spaces can be customized with their own color scheme and profile image, making it easy to spot them if you have a ton to sift through. And once you dived into your newly created profile, you can customize it with its own backgrounds, bookmarks, and saved passwords — retaining your own data to your own profile or even Google account, if you choose to sync.

Using Chrome with multiple people has always been a mess, especially if you don't know that profiles exist. We can only hope that Google will make the feature even more prominent in the future. It would also be great if it could additionally bring it to Chrome on Android and iOS, where you currently have to sign out and back in with another account to access its bookmarks. And let's not mention the mess that Chrome OS is when it comes to multi-account usage.

The current profile switcher.

The new profiles are starting to roll out today and should be available for everyone over the next few weeks.