Back in January, we reported Google's new generation of smart displays could feature a sleep tracking feature thanks to a built-in Soli sensor. Sadly, we didn't know much more about the device but expected it to be released this year. Thanks to new information, we now have more clues about the future Nest Hub's design.

According to 9to5Google, the upcoming Nest Hub would retain the original Home Hub's design, including the color schemes, with the Aqua hue being replaced with a light blue version, aligning them with the Nest Audio's.

Similar to the Home Mini's evolution into the Nest Mini, the new generation Nest Hub would look similar to the original device but come with improved audio and a third microphone instead of two in the Home Hub. Most importantly, the new smart display would now feature a Soli radar, which it would use for sleep tracking and motion sensing, even in the dark.

The sensor data would be fed to Google Fit and displayed automatically on the homescreen, thanks to a feature recently added to existing smart displays. The new Nest Hub is expected to be launched in the coming weeks at the same price as the existing model.