Tasker, one of Android's most beloved power user apps, is taking a bit of a snooze. Or at the very least, it's helping you to. Less than a week ago, Google announced new tools for the Sleep API, focused on letting apps that detect sleep duration run more efficiently. The latest beta, version 5.12.3, adds in the Sleeping state to Tasker's workflow.

Developer João Diaz posted a video of the feature running. It's more limited than it sounds, but because Tasker's adaptability is nigh-endless, it can do a lot of stuff. The Sleep API allows Google Play Services to detect your "sleep" in a pretty basic way, determined by motion or ambient light levels, with a reported confidence level. Tasker can take that info, and its associated confidence level, to trigger events.

You can use this condition for the obvious Tasker integration: switching your notification settings, triggering smart lights, all that jazz. Other small changes abound, as is the way of Tasker's indefatigable developer. These include faster setup for ADB Wifi commands, better searches for actions, quicker HTTP Request headers, and various adjustments and bug fixes.

The new beta app is available on the Tasker Google Play beta, as a direct download from Dropbox. It'll be available on APK Mirror soon, too.

Developer: joaomgcd
Price: $3.49