There are a bunch of ways to access text messages from a desktop, including solutions from Google and Microsoft. And you know Samsung: once lots of other companies do something, it just has to have its own proprietary solution, too. Now we're getting early signs of a Samsung Messaging app hanging out in the Microsoft Store, which describes itself as a way to send and receive texts from your phone in Windows.

Before you get too excited, the app still looks like it's very much in testing at the moment — it's only appearing in a few regions, and you can't download it without a code, anyway. Even if you could, the description says its compatibility is limited to "devices capable of using mobile data (5G and 4G LTE)," and that its only available for Samsung-branded Windows hardware: the Galaxy Book and Galaxy TabPro series.

The application's description indicates it's using a partner app on the phone, which makes sense, and presumably only Samsung-branded handsets would be invited to the party. We'd hope that once the app is ready for wide release, the restrictions on Samsung-branded Windows hardware would be lifted, and anyone with a recent Samsung phone and a Windows PC could check it out.

In the meantime, there are plenty of ways to get the same functionality now: Google's Messages for web, Microsoft Your Phone, and desktop clients for all of the popular chat services. In fact, it seems kind of baffling that Samsung would build a custom solution for this — but that's Samsung for ya.

Reader Marek managed to get a version of the Windows app up and running, though it doesn't seem to be connected to anything at the moment. Thanks for the screenshots!