Intel and AMD have done a fairly good job at engaging with their fans over the years, which in turn has helped cultivate interest in their CPUs and other products. The same isn't really true for Qualcomm, which has historically not done much to promote its tech besides... shipping it. That's changing though, as Qualcomm today announced a new 'Snapdragon Insiders' program.

The Snapdragon Insiders program is branded as an insider community, where Qualcomm will share new product announcements, tips and tricks for smartphone photography, and other information. In reality, it's mostly a new effort by Qualcomm to be better at consumer-facing marketing — the @Snapdragon Twitter account that has been dormant for years has been reactivated. There are also accounts to follow on Instagram and YouTube, as well as a new subreddit.

Qualcomm also says it will begin partnering with more content creators, who will co-host monthly interviews with engineers. Snapdragon-branded merchandise will be available at some point.