There aren't many big, high-powered Android tablets coming out these days. But if you're one of the happy few who have one, you could soon see the Chrome browser default to the "Desktop site" version of web browsing. That's the little button in the menu that allows you to force the page to render as if it were on a laptop or desktop PC.

XDA-Developers spotted the change in the Gerrit open source repository of upcoming Chromium code. At the time of writing the feature is early in development and very much experimental, so there's no way to test it on the early versions of Chrome, or even a guarantee that it'll make it that far. But the idea seems sound, especially if you're using a tablet with a screen 10 inches or larger. Smaller tablets, like the popular Galaxy Tab A 7 and its predecessors, might be better-served by dedicated mobile sites.

The experiment detects the screen size and DPI of the device, then decides whether or not to automatically open websites in desktop view. Right now there's no indication of what size or resolution that threshold would be. Based on the early code, it looks like this behavior would be entirely in the background. Notably, it wouldn't have much impact on some dynamically-coded sites (like Android Police) which shift between mobile and desktop layouts automatically based on screen size.