Samsung's phones tend drop pretty quickly in price. Case in point: the Galaxy S21+ and S21 Ultra are already down $200 from when they launched just six weeks ago. The smallest S21 was part of that sale, too, but it only dropped $100 at the time. Now, it's dropped another $50 to just $650 — cheaper than even Google's Pixel 5, an older and less-powerful phone.

Even for its MSRP of $800, Ryne was pretty taken with the S21. It's got the newest Snapdragon 888, a 120Hz display, and eight gigs of RAM. Plus, Samsung recently pledged to provide not only three years of OS updates, but also four years of security updates. That's currently best in class, beating even Google's promises for its own Pixel phones.

The S21 is in stock for $650 at Best Buy right now (not including the retailer's usual $50 activation discount). You can also order it from Amazon, although there's a pretty considerable wait there. Hit the links below for more.