Google announced earlier this month that it would close Stadia Games & Entertainment, the game studio that was tasked with producing exclusive titles for the Stadia game streaming service. The closure was seemingly a result of Stadia's slow momentum, and now a new report from Bloomberg sheds some light on the topic.

Citing two people familiar with the matter, Bloomberg reports that Stadia missed targets for controller sales and monthly active users by 'hundreds of thousands,' though the timeframe for that estimate is unclear. The poor performance is believed to be due to Stadia's messy launch, when the platform was only playable through Chrome or Chromecast Ultras bundled with the Stadia Premiere Edition, and lacked many features. Some Stadia developers reportedly suggested delaying the launch, or initially branding Stadia as a beta product, but the idea was resisted by Phil Harrison and other executives on the project.

Google has never publicly shared sales figures or active player counts for Stadia, but it's safe to say the player base is significantly smaller than other gaming platforms. The news isn't all bad, though — another exclusive game arrives in just a few days.

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