Sony's WF-1000XM3 were among the first true wireless buds to feature active noise cancellation, combined with excellent audio quality. Even though they've been praised, their design was not necessarily the easiest one on the eyes. The company seems to be working on a much more compact form-factor for its next generation of wireless buds, according to leaked images.

A Reddit user called Key_Attention4766 has leaked shots of what they claim are the Sony WF-1000XM4's packaging. The latter shows a picture of the product, together with its reference, a Hi-Res audio badge, a noise-canceling mention, as well as the expected battery life of 6 hours, which another 18 thanks to the charging case.

The most relevant detail here is the design of the bud itself, which is radically different from the previous generation. It seems smaller than its predecessor, with only a small portion visible when worn. The golden circle on the side could house the ANC microphone, and the tips could now feature memory foam, potentially offering better noise isolation. This is only based on the product picture, as no official information is available yet.

Although these images seem credible, they're far from being official. Also, while they could match Sony's branding guidelines, the packaging seems to differ from other products, especially when it comes to the fonts used, as noted by The Walkman Blog. We'll hopefully know more about the Sony WF-1000X-M4's soon and be able to know if this leak is accurate enough.