As Samsung rolled out the 2021 refresh to its various Good Lock modules, Task Changer was strangely absent. It was unclear if Samsung was still working on making it compatible with One UI 3, or if it had given up on the module entirely. Thankfully the situation has turned out to be the former, and Task Changer is now back with brand new features — but it isn't where you'd expect it to be.


Left/middle: Task Changer settings, Right: Custom recent menu 

Task Changer has been merged into Home Up, so that's where you'll now need to look to get started. Once Home Up is open, check for the Task Changer menu at the bottom. Task Changer has gotten some new features in this update, but it's lost others in the process.

There aren't as many themes available now. In One UI 2, there were almost a dozen different configurations to choose from, but now there are only three — list, grid, and stack. Blur controls are also gone, and mini mode has been removed, too. Thankfully, my favorite feature, "center the currently running app," is still here. With this enabled, the overview menu won't automatically scroll to the next running app.

New options borrow a feature we just got to meet in the Android 12 developer preview: "Allow bottom gestures in full screen mode" does exactly what its long name suggests. When you're in full-screen, you'll be able to use the home or overview gesture even when the navbar is hidden, much like Android 12. Unlike the developer preview, this won't work with the back gestures just yet. "Allow gestures in pay region of home screen" does the same thing for the homescreen if you have Samsung Pay enabled. Finally, you're able to adjust the home and overview sensitivity like you already can with the back gesture.

In the main Home Up screen, the option to backup and restore your homescreen preferences is finally working. When the module first got its One UI 3 update the menu for this feature was there, but couldn't be accessed. Now everything is working, making it easier to share your homescreen to other devices.

Left: One UI Home settings, Middle/right: Folder grid options

Samsung's launcher got a surprise update this week, adding custom grid sizes for folders. As well as the default 4x4 option, there's now a 3x4 arrangement. It's a minor change that most people will probably leave alone, but it's nice to get more customization in the stock launcher.

The updates to Home Up and One UI Home are available now from the Galaxy Store, but if they aren't showing up for you we have you covered at APK Mirror: Home Up, One UI Home.