When the new Google Pay app was introduced last year with a refreshed interface, some users didn't feel any compelling reason to switch, and elected to stay with the old app while they still had the option. While we knew the app would reach the end of its useful life at some point, Google is now taking some formal steps towards killing it.

In an email sent out over the last day or two, Google's inform users that the old app and the Google Pay website will lose their transactional (i.e., sending or receiving money) capabilities on April 5. After that, you won’t be able to do much of anything that you used do — leaving you with the only option to switch to the new Google Pay app.

You also won't be able to see your past transaction history and access your remaining balance after that deadline. Of course, moving to the new Google Pay app will bring all that right back for you. Google confirmed that these changes only apply to the US right now — and not to any of the other markets where the new Pay app hasn’t debuted.

While the old app is being deprecated, there’s no word on when its successor will shed its Early Access tag. But that certainly hasn’t stopped the new Pay app from adding some neat features that can make your life a tiny bit easier — like the ability to pull receipts directly from Gmail and Photos.

Finally, Google is also making some changes to Pay’s terms of service, including combining two of its existing ToS documents and raising the minimum eligibility age to use the service from 16 to 18 years. All these policy changes come into effect for everyone automatically on April 5. You can head here to give the updated terms of service a once-over.

Google Pay (old app)
Google Pay (old app)
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