Who doesn't love a good deal? While limited-time discounts are one way to get things for less money, manufacturer-refurbished products represent a great option — especially when they're backed by the same warranty as brand-new ones. So if you were looking to pick up a Nest product, you should certainly check out the Google Store's refurbished page, which now offers a bunch of new offerings.

The latest additions to the store include the Hello video doorbell, the Learning Thermostat (3rd Gen), and a couple of deals on Nest Wifi. The Google Nest Protect (Wired & Battery) and Cam Indoor were made available last year.

Google describes its refurbished items as "like-new" products that undergo a "rigorous" quality control process. You get additional peace of mind with the fact that all of these products come with a 1-year warranty.

Here's how much you'll save on each of the refurbished products compared to buying them new:

  • Google Nest Protect (Wired & Battery) — save $40 (MSRP: $119)
  • Nest Cam Indoor — save $40 (MSRP: $119)
  • Nest Hello video doorbell — save $80 (MSRP: $229)
  • Nest Learning Thermostat — 3rd Gen: save $159 (MSRP: $249)
  • Nest Wifi router & 2 points — save $110 (MSRP: $349)
  • Nest Wifi point — save $50 (MSRP: $149)

Only the Learning Thermostat and Nest Wifi router & points were still available at the time of writing. But keep an eye on the page as the other products may be restocked soon.