For a lot of us, it's only after working full time from home that we've realized how messy balancing work and personal commitments can get — and the pandemic ensured we all got a taste of it. Google now wants to make it easier to share your disordered WFH schedule with your teammates as Calendar entries so that they know when is —and isn't— the right time to ping you.

If you often find yourself working in multiple chunks of the day instead of a single stretch straight through, Calendar will soon let you add those segmented timings for each workday. That way, your colleagues will be aware of your availability before scheduling any meetings. The option to set these split work hours will be available only on the web for now.

The out-of-office entries can now also be set to repeat for your recurrent office breaks. This comes in handy, especially when these intervals fall at a consistent time or day of the week. The associated “automatically decline meetings” option does what it says on the tin and lets organizers know about your response via email. You can set these hours on both the web and Android devices.

Both features will follow a gradual release schedule and should arrive for all Google Workspace users by mid-March.

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