Ultimate Ears is perhaps best known for its line of outdoor portable Bluetooth speakers, like the Wonderboom 2, but the company has other products too. The Hyperboom is a massive speaker designed for indoor use (but is still portable), and now you can get it for $340. That's a savings of $60 from the usual price.

The Hyperboom is 14.3 inches tall and 7.5 inches across, with music controls on the top and a pullout strap. UE says it should last up to 24 hours on a single charge, but you can also charge other devices from it, using the USB Type-A connector. The speaker itself sadly uses microUSB for power, not Type-C, or you can use the included barrel-plug adapter for quicker charging. In addition to Bluetooth connectivity, the Hyperboom has inputs for 3.5mm and optical audio.

You can get the speaker from Amazon at the link below. It's not clear when the sale will end, but the price has never been this low (according to price-tracking service Keepa).