Samsung's Galaxy Watch3 is (by most accounts) the best Android-compatible smartwatch, with its traditional design, rotating bezel, and good software experience. However, the original starting price of $400 was ridiculous, even compared to Samsung's other smartwatches. Thankfully, the price has now been temporarily reduced by $150 across the board, with the cheapest option dropping to $250.

The Galaxy Watch3 is available in two sizes, 41 and 45mm, both sold in LTE and non-LTE configurations. No matter which model you pick, you get a 360x360 circular AMOLED screen, 8GB of internal storage for apps and music, various health sensors, NFC for Samsung Pay, IP68 water resistance, and Samsung's custom Tizen OS software. The watch also supports wireless charging, but only on pads with WPC compatibility, not all Qi chargers.

We've linked all of the different models below for your convenience. If you're on the fence, check out our review from last year.

Wi-Fi/BT 41mm: $249.99

LTE 41mm: $299.99

Wi-Fi/BT 45mm: $279.99

LTE 45mm: $329.99

BT 45mm Titanium: $449.99