Lawnchair Launcher is a popular third-party home screen launcher, especially for people interested in bringing a Pixel-like experience to non-Google phones and tablets. Development has stagnated over the past year, but now a new team is restarting development.

Lawnchair was created by Tillie Kottmann (also known as deletescape), but they have since moved onto other projects. A new development team has moved in, led by Poland-based Patryk Michalik, who previously created the download page for Lawnchair's Google Feed add-on.

The app's Telegram channel says at least seven developers are now working on Lawnchair, and the team has been working on integrating recent code changes from the AOSP Launcher3:

As we work towards a release with the latest Launcher3 at its core, we’re thrilled to share with you updates to the two existing major versions of Lawnchair.

But first, we’re introducing a new versioning scheme. The major version number reflects the Android release whose home app version a build is based on. For example, the major version of Lawnchair based on Launcher3 from Android 10 is called Lawnchair 10. And we call our next major release Lawnchair 11. We hope you enjoy today’s builds!

Lawnchair 9.1 Alpha 2 addresses an issue with At a Glance where adding calendar events as a data source would show the weather instead.

Lawnchair 10.0 Alpha 8:
• Addresses an issue with At a Glance where adding calendar events as a data source would show the weather instead.
• Resolves crashes on Android 11.
• Introduces the Android 11 app closing animation on devices with a recent version of Launcher3 installed.

As you know, our founder – Tillie Kottmann – will no longer be leading Lawnchair. This is a good opportunity to express our gratitude.

You can download 9.1 Alpha 2 and 10.0 Alpha 8 from APKMirror. It's not clear yet when the Play Store listing will be updated, but that will probably come soon. Lawnchair's updated codebase also hasn't been open-sourced yet — the existing GitHub repository hasn't been touched since May 2020. (Update: the public repository is being updated again)

Lawnchair 2
Lawnchair 2
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