Back in 2019, Samsung launched a new app called Galaxy Labs. It functions similarly to Good Lock, offering an assortment of different modules that users can download to perform different system tasks: Battery Guardian keeps watch for stray apps looking to suck your battery dry, while App Booster optimizes apps after a software update to keep things running well. This week we're seeing the arrival of two new modules, while several others are being updated to version 2.0, complete with new features.

Left: Battery Tracker, Right: Battery Guardian

Battery Tracker has received a small visual refresh, and its 7-day chart now displays your screen-on time, just like the 24-hour chart.

Battery Guardian has gotten a bigger update, with several new features. Screen power saving has to be enabled on a per-app basis and will dim the display quickly when you aren't using the phone, before the display timeout eventually locks the device. Power save during bedtime restricts performance while you're asleep, limiting background activity and CPU usage to prolong your battery life.

File Guardian has been deprecated now that most Samsung apps feature a recycle bin of their own.

Memory Guardian is a brand-new module that allows us to see exactly what's using our precious RAM. As well as being able to clear applications out of memory, there's a helpful chart of historic usage. This breaks down how the RAM is divided up by the system, running apps, and cached processes.

In my experience, Samsung's RAM management has always been pretty good without any interference from me, but it's certainly interesting to see how the system assigns RAM to different tasks.

Thermal Guardian aims to keep your phone nice and cool and has some handy features to help make that happen. The thermal threshold slider lets you adjust when the phone starts to throttle performance. Dragging the slider to the far left, the phone informed me that it would start throttling 2 degrees before it usually would. Inversely, dragging it to the right will raise that threshold by 2 degrees. All of my devices get toasty during lengthy Duo calls, so I may try the cooler setting and see how things go.

You can also tap the indicated points on the temperature chart to see why the phone was getting warm. Yesterday evening this was down to several factors: My S21 was fast charging, running a Zoom call in the background, had Facebook and Telegram open in pop-up view, and Infinite Painter open while I doodled with the S-Pen. Seeing all of this broken down makes for an interesting read.

This is the largest update Galaxy Labs has seen since the 2019 release, and the new features are certainly useful. As always, you can download everything from the Galaxy Store, but if it's unavailable in your region, we have you covered at APK Mirror: Galaxy Labs, Galaxy Labs Agent, Battery Tracker, Battery Guardian, Galaxy App Booster, Thermal Guardian, Memory Guardian.