Veteran Android developer Chris Lacy is back with a new app, a live wallpaper called SwirlWalls. As the name implies, it contains numerous swirly whirly animated wallpapers for your phone, and the animation reacts to swiping and scrolling on your screen. It's all very bright and busy, and if that's your aesthetic, SwirlWalls can be yours for $5.


SwirlWalls contains ten different wallpaper designs, each with several themes, filters, and color options. In all, there are over 100 "remixes" from which to choose, but they all have the same overarching theme: a spiraling pinwheel of colors that radiate out from the center of your screen. The animation is smooth, and I like the option to adapt the design to dark UI mode, but a lot of people will find the movement distracting.

You can get a sense of the SwirlWalls vibe from the demo below. This was captured with default settings, but you can adjust the amount of movement if you want. Unfortunately, there's no trial or freemium version of SwirlWalls. It's five bucks, all in. You can, of course, request a refund from the Play Store if SwirlWalls isn't your bag.