In the modern mobile OS wars, it was Android that had widgets first. Only recently did Apple enable not only widgets but the ability to stack and run through them, saving space on the home screen. Now, it looks like Android 12 may come up with a response with its own stack of sorts.

Mishaal Rahman has enabled a flag in the first developer preview that brings up what he's calling an "expanded smart space" — or what's known to us as the At a Glance widget from Google — at the top of the home screen.

This "stack" may show up to two widgets at a time at the cost of an extra row of space, much unlike iOS with three widget formats that show up one at a time. As it is, we don't have a complete picture of how this feature would work and don't have full confidence that it will get passed over to Android 12's stable release.

If you have an urge to try out widget stacks on Android, you can download Action Launcher which mimics iOS's Smart Stacks.

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