We've come a long way from when we could only do one thing at a time on our phones. Today, multitasking is an essential feature of modern-day devices. Android's Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode is one of the most notable additions in this space, and it's only getting better. True to a previous report, Android 12 is introducing pinch-to-resize and stashing to PiP windows.

As the name suggests, the first of those enables the resizing of floating PiP windows with a simple pinch gesture — pinch out to increase the window's size and vice versa. Resizing windows was possible on Android 11 too, but the process to do it was not very intuitive (I only just found out about it!). It could only be done by grabbing and pulling or pushing from either outward-facing corner of the video.

PiP resizing on Android 11 vs. Android 12

PiP windows on Android 12 can also be stashed to either side of the display, which comes in handy in situations where you want to view information hiding behind the PiP window without actually closing it.

Neither feature is enabled by default on Android 12 DP 1, but Mishaal from XDA Developers was able to get it working. The implementation is a bit janky right now, but we can expect it to get better in subsequent builds — or it might even disappear, who knows.

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