Many phones with notches or camera holes have options to 'hide' the cutout, usually by filling in the space around it with a black background and/or shifting the status bar down. Google offered the feature on the Pixel 3 XL, and now it's coming to the newer Pixel 5.

The first Android 12 beta adds a new option for the Pixel 5 that fills in the status bar with a black background, effectively hiding the front-facing camera. Once you enable Android's developer settings (keep tapping on the 'Build number' in the About page until you see "you are now a developer"), the option can be found at Settings > System > Advanced > Developer options > Display cutout.

It's a bit strange that the option wasn't available when the Pixel 5 launched, especially when Google's Pixel 3 XL (and possibly other notched Pixel phones) had the setting from the beginning. However, unlike the setting on the 3 XL, the status bar is not shifted downwards.

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