The global pandemic has drastically increased the adoption of online education tools, as conducting classes shifts to within the safety of one's home. Google Classroom has proven to be a reliable solution, and today serves more than 140 million students. Now Google is announcing how it aims to further enhance the service for students with some new functionality.

Firstly, Google is introducing a new marketplace for "add-ons" that will allow teachers to assign edTech tools and content directly to students, who will no longer have to deal with extra logins. For the moment, it isn't clear exactly which tools will be integrated into Classroom.

Even though we're more connected than we ever were, an odd internet service outage can easily disrupt work. To make this less of a problem, Google is updating the Android app later this year to let it work offline. Students will no longer require an active internet connection to start their work, review assignments, open Drive attachments, and write assignments in Docs — time to find a better reason for not completing homework.

Speaking of homework, the Android app is also getting a better document scanner tool that will allow students to combine photos into a single document, crop/rotate images, and even adjust lighting. Like the previous two, this feature is also expected to crop up later this year.

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