This first developer preview has a ton of developer-facing changes, but fewer visual tweaks than we expected to see, given prior leaks. However, there are some notable visual changes, like these new toggles that appear in some sections of Settings. Weirdly, they don't replace the old toggles everywhere, but they are live in a few spots.

Developer options in Android 11 (left) and Android 12 (right). Note the different toggle up top, but the same toggles down below.

On top of the general blue-gray look you'll notice and the adjustment in padding, some of the toggle buttons have been replaced with a snazzy new version that shows a wider slider and a checkmark when enabled or minus sign when disabled.

Toggle off.

We aren't sure if this new toggle is meant to appear in more places and it simply doesn't yet, or if it will only supplement the existing design for more important features as it does now, like header-level toggles pictured above. Either way, Android 12 has a new toggle, among other features.

I like the new toggle, but others here at AP hate it — "super uggo" was the phrase used by David. It is a bit bigger and busier, but it also makes it even easier to see if something is enabled or disabled at a glance, and if Android 12 ends up rolling out enhanced theme support, the new icons can provide better feedback for those with colorblindness if they can't pick up on the change in color or position.

For more about the Android 12 launch, check out our announcement post detailing what's new here. If you want to install the developer preview on your own device, find out how in our Android 12 download guide.