Android 11 introduced a new screenshot UI with its own floating panel with editing and sharing options at the bottom, but getting rid of it fast has always been cumbersome. You'd have to aim for a small x in the top right corner of the miniature preview of the screenshot. Android 12 is looking to change that and allows you to swipe away the screenshot UI — but only when you swipe to the left.

The change is as small as it can get, but it's still a welcome improvement. Being able to swipe away the screenshot UI can be considered expected behavior given its history as an element that lives in the notification shade, which could be dismissed by swiping as well. The new swiping gesture is still work in progress, as dismissing only works in one direction — demonstrated in the GIF below.


Left and Middle: The new screenshot UI in action. Right: Android 11.

The animation and the general look and feel hasn't changed too much, but when you tap that Edit button, you'll notice a brand new editor with enhanced markup options that include emoji. Find out more in our article dedicated to it.

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