Phones just keep getting bigger, and there's no sign things will change anytime soon. As such, one-handed modes are a common add-on from Samsung, Motorola, and other OEMs, but Google hasn't implemented its own version until now. Android 12 has a one-handed mode as rumored, and it's reportedly fully functional. However, it's not exposed in the settings in the first preview build.

XDA's Mishaal Rahman got the feature working in the dev preview. Google decided to take an Apple-y approach to this feature. Rather than shrinking down the entire screen like most Android OEMs, Google simply moves the screen down. This cuts off the bottom but allows easier access to buttons and switches that are near the top. Here's what it looks like.

So, that's an almost carbon copy of Apple's Reachability feature. This looks to be more geared toward helping you tap an inconveniently located control before bouncing right back to the fully expanded mode. One-handed modes that shrink the vertical and horizontal axis keep the entire screen visible at the expense of making it much smaller. We can't say for sure this feature will launch with Android 12, but it looks close to done as is.

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