As previously rumored, Google has introduced a new way to share Wi-Fi network passwords seamlessly as part of Android 12. The new sharing experience is powered by Google's Nearby Share feature, which rolled out last summer after a long wait. Nearby Share wirelessly discovers other nearby Android devices in use by persons in your contact list who also have the setting enabled.

To use the new Wi-Fi sharing option, simply open the settings menu in Android 12, navigate to the Wi-Fi area, and select the network you want to share. From there, hit the "Share" icon, and you should see a "Nearby" logo below the QR code the app normally generates. Once you tap the nearby button, you'll either be prompted to activate the feature, or the phone will start scanning your general vicinity for available contacts.

Once you've selected a contact, the person on the other device will be prompted to accept your shared Wi-Fi network, though the plain text password is not actually displayed, for added privacy. Once you accept, your phone will connect right up to the shared network.

Is it faster than sending a QR code or copying and pasting a message in Telegram? Probably not. Is it a little more secure and, dare we say, futuristic? Kinda! Really, there's no harm to having yet another way to share a piece of information we all have to share at one point or another, and that's all this is: a little more convenience and peace of mind for those who want it.

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