Wyze has opened pre-orders for its new Wyze Bulb Color. $35 (plus $8 for shipping) gets you four RGB-equipped, Assistant-compatible, 1,100-lumen color smart bulbs. That works out to $10.74 each, which makes them among the least expensive Assistant-integrated smart bulbs you can get, and they're set to ship next month.

Though we haven't had any time with the bulbs ourselves, Wyze's specs make these new bulbs sound like a good deal. They're likely brighter than the Yeelight M2 we recently reviewed and substantially cheaper, but we've confirmed with Wyze that they don't benefit from Google's snazzy new Seamless Setup process. Still, it's tough to complain for the price.

In addition to the usual 16-million RGB color support, Wyze advertises an extended kelvin range for redder/warmer shades of white and a 90+ CRI rating — out of a maximum of 100, that score is usually considered "excellent," and means the quality of white light produced across its constituent spectrum components is better at illuminating other objects in a color-accurate way. In short, things like art, paint colors, and furniture in your house won't look as washed out compared to cheap LED or fluorescent lights. They use Wi-Fi (2.4GHz) or Bluetooth for their connection, so you don't need a hub.

Unlike the recent Wyze Cam v3, you don't need to have a subscription to pick up these bulbs, either, though you will have to pay the company's slightly-expensive shipping. Still, even with that added cost, they're just under $11 each, making them as cheap as the least expensive smart home Amazon specials, and with none of that app-you've-never-heard-of sketch factor.

Wyze's non-color smart bulbs are among our favorite smart home lighting, easily earning our Most Wanted Editor's Choice accolade (although Wyze incorrectly mapped some of the Assistant's warm and cool tone labels, which still frustrates me). I expect these new color bulbs will prove popular among the Assistant-integrated smart home crowd.