Last year, Google resuscitated its Material Design blog, and the revival was met with a flurry of new posts. The site covers subjects like color, typography, shape, and transitions—all in the Google-y Material style. The blog's latest entry is particularly interesting, revealing an experiment that makes it easy to apply Material Design to a WordPress site.

You can get your Material on with the help of a plugin that's already available on WordPress's Plugin store — you'll need to be on a business-level plan to do it that way, but self-hosting is also an option. Once the plugin is installed, you can select between four styles that Google offers in Material Design for WordPress, or you can dig in and make your own custom Material theme.

Even if you go ahead with one of the presets, you'll still be able to tinker around with options like color palette, typography, fonts, and icon styles, and so on. Furthermore, the plugin works with WordPress's block editor, making it very easy to customize the blog's look — without coding! Considering that more than 40% of all sites on the web make use of WordPress, you might be seeing a lot more Material Design soon.