LastPass has long been the password manager to recommend thanks to its generous free offer that allows you to store as many passwords as you need on as many devices as you own, but that's about to change. LogMeIn, the company behind the software, has announced that it's making the free tier a lot more limited. Free users will only be able to use LastPass either on their computers or their mobile devices (phones, tablets, watches).

The change will go into effect on March 16. Your first login after that date will set your active device type. You'll then have three opportunities to switch your device type to see what works best for you. Since passwords are backed up to the cloud, you won't lose any credentials even if you should be logged out of some devices in the process.

There are more changes coming to free users starting two months later, on May 17. Email support will only be available to Premium and Family users from then on — free users will be limited to looking for help in the support center and the community forum.

LastPass writes, "We love being a part of the security routines of more than 20 million users across the world. As our community of users continues to grow, we need to adapt our offerings to keep up with the constantly evolving digital world. With that, we have some changes to our LastPass Free offering."

The company encourages those who need access to all device types to upgrade to LastPass Premium or Family, costing $3 and $4 a month, respectively. Free users who upgrade ahead of the change are eligible for 25% off the Premium tier for the first year. Of course, you could also switch to an alternative like Bitwarden or MYKI, both of which offer unlimited passwords on as many devices as you have for free.

LastPass Password Manager
LastPass Password Manager
Developer: LogMeIn, Inc.
Price: Free+
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