Ever since digital cameras ousted film cameras, photo albums have almost become a thing of the past. What was previously mandatory to view your shots is an often-forgotten option now. Google Photos, however, is trying to offer a similar experience digitally with Memories. The feature, which recently showed people a photo collection of kids playing out in the sun, is now picking up new stories — "Sand and sea" and "Tasty treats."

The first one has been showing up for a while now and is an assortment of pictures taken at the beach or the sea. While it's mostly accurate with its selection, an image of Lake Tahoe did manage to find its way into my collection.

The second one seems to be new and is an image album of cakes, pancakes, cupcakes, and other desserts. Interestingly, the first photo it picked was of Google's Android lawn statues which are all desserts or sweet treats.

While I wouldn't mind being shown images of calorie-rich foods, I'm not sure whether someone on a strict diet would feel the same.

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