If you're frequently on the go (or used to be), you know that public Wi-Fi can be a pain: asking for passwords, dealing with varying connection quality, and worrying about your privacy can be a drag. LTE-connected devices cut out all that junk, but they can be pricey. Enter this deal: today, you can pick up a Galaxy Tab S6 with LTE for $550, more than $200 off its normal price.

The S6 has a Snapdragon 855, six gigs of RAM, and a 10.5-inch, 1600p display. It also comes with an S Pen that snaps magnetically to the back of the tablet — though, notably, it does not include the keyboard cover it's pictured with in its Amazon listing. This model is LTE compatible on Verizon, too, so you don't need to rely on sketchy public Wi-Fi.

Note that you don't actually get that keyboard cover here.

Amazon says this is $362.50 off, but that's a stretch — you've been able to pick up a Tab S6 LTE for about $770 for quite some time now. Still, a savings of about $220 is absolutely nothing to sneeze at. Hit the link below to grab one.