The new Chromecast with Google TV may be the future of Android in your living room, but it's also turning out to be yet another Google product plagued by software issues (I'm looking at you, Pixels). Shortly after a bug which asked users to reset their devices due to data corruption was spotted and fixed, a new one affecting Nest speaker groups is now gathering steam.

The issue crops up when users try to cast audio to speaker groups that include the Chromecast with Google TV — it doesn't occur when casting only to this device. As described by various users on Google's support forums, everything works fine at the start of a session, but at some point shortly thereafter, audio stops playing on all speakers and just keeps buffering. This happens irrespective of whether YouTube Music, Spotify, or just about any other cast source is being used. The issue isn't particularly new — the earliest complaint goes back to October 2020 — but it's something that remains unresolved even after the February 2021 update.

The closest we have to a workaround right now is making use of the multi-room audio control that was introduced by Google last year. According to the user who shared the tip, adding the Chromecast with Google TV to an existing cast session pauses playback on the device itself and not all speakers. This isn't an ideal solution, however, since there's no certainty on when — or even if — the device will start playing audio.

If you're someone who heavily uses Nest speaker groups, you may want to think twice before including the Chromecast with Google TV in your party. We've reached out to Google for comment and we'll update this article if we hear back.

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