Emoji are becoming increasingly vital for online communication, and many people just can't get enough of the ubiquitous "picture characters." And if you'd like to go as far as decorating your homescreen's background with a hand-picked selection of emoji, you've now got a chance thanks to Oculus/Dropbox/Google engineer Nicholas Jitkoff and Google Maps coder Alastair Tse. They created emoji supply, a web tool that allows you to create and share your own wallpapers based on emoji, and it's incredibly fun.


To get started, head to emoji.supply, enter your desired emoji, and tweak the layout and the background color to your liking — all underlined expressions can be tweaked. Once you're satisfied with your work of art, hit download to use it as your wallpaper or select copy to send the generator pre-filled with your parameters to friends or other devices. The emoji always respect the style supplied by your operating system (Android/Chrome OS, iOS/macOS, Windows), so if you have the chance to switch devices, be sure to give it a try for unique custom spins. You can also enter letters if you'd like to give that a try. Some people even discovered that they can play around with hidden URL parameters to change the emoji size. In fact, Twitter is already brimming with custom creations shared by users.

Anything goes.

The website is as lightweight as it gets, doesn't have any advertisements, and Jitkoff published the code to Github, in case you're interested in checking out how everything works in the background. But you don't need any programming skills at all to get wild and creative with the tool — just go to emoji.supply to make your own wallpapers already. If custom emoji wallpapers are too much for you, you might be interested in Emoji Kitchen instead, a Gboard feature that allows you to create the cutest and weirdest emoji mashups you could think of for your chats.