Google may have given up the tasty treat names for Android, leaving us with a boring and slowly incrementing number, but the engineers working inside the company remain more fun than its marketing, and they've continued using those delicious names internally. According to the latest from XDA, Android 12's internal code name seems to be Snow Cone.

This doesn't really matter to most consumers. There won't be any Snow Cone name in Settings, and we probably won't get a themed statue to enjoy. But these internal names make a tiny difference in software, adjusting the naming for a handful of things.

Android 11 had the string "rvc" tossed in a handful of spots — short for Red Velvet Cake, the internal name of Android 11. Last year's virtual Android 11 statue also included a recipe for "RVC." Snow Cone's abbreviation "sc" has already been observed by XDA in a few places, even though Android 12's source code hasn't been published just yet.

While Android 12 will almost certainly just go by the name Android 12, you can rest assured that, deep down inside, it's Snow Cone.

Header image courtesy of Thomas Park.