It's been a while since Google started dunking its apps in a bucket of dark-mode paint, and, as of today, most of them have received that treatment. With support for dark mode almost being the norm now, it's annoying to come across an odd app or some elements that don't follow it just yet. Google's 2FA prompt on Android is guilty of this, but it seems like redemption isn't far.

The folks over at 9to5Google have spotted the 2FA prompt in dark mode on Android. Apart from taking up the dark grey hue that most other Google apps have, there are a few other noticeable tweaks that you can see in the images below.

Images: 9to5Google

The logo at the top is now decolorized, and the "Is it you trying to sign in" has been centered. There are a couple of other changes too, but what's a bit more important is that the "Yes" and the "No, it's not me" buttons seem to have shifted higher up. Considering that phone displays have only grown bigger over the years, I'd expect Google to push them further down, but here we are.

The update is said to be rolling out to Android users, though I'm yet to pick it up on any of my devices. Also worth noting is that it's apparently only available for personal accounts. If you've got a Workspace (formerly G Suite) account, you'll have to wait.