Tasker is one of the most popular automation tools on Android, allowing you to perform multiple actions on your phone or tablet automatically or by pressing a single button. The app is now receiving two important features that make it easier to integrate Tasker tasks with web services: HTML and JSON parsing.

Tasker 5.12.0 beta is now rolling out on the Play Store, with new functionality that makes it possible to use data from HTML or JSON in Tasker tasks. HTML is the markup format that all web pages use, potentially allowing Tasker to parse the contents of pages in a similar manner to browser extensions and other web-scraping tools. Tasker supports standard CSS selectors, so finding specific page elements should be easy, though there might be a slight learning curve for anyone not familiar with web development.

Potentially more useful is Tasker's new support for reading JSON, which is often used for APIs and other services that return data. In an example video, Tasker's developer showed how it could be used to fetch weather data from OpenWeatherMap and read it out loud. The beta release also added two smaller new features — tick events, which can automatically run a task on a set interval (between 100 milliseconds and 2 minutes), and the ability to add a task to a favorites list.

More information about the new features (including helpful examples) can be found at the source link below. If you have Tasker and you want to try the beta, you can join the Play Store testing program.

Developer: joaomgcd
Price: $3.49