Samsung released its latest Galaxy Watch3 smartwatch late last year. We think it's a pretty solid smartwatch as long as you don't pay full retail price for it. Luckily, Samsung is offering some nifty discounts on its latest wearable right now — and if you trade in the right device, a Galaxy Watch3 can be yours starting at just $139.99.

The Watch3 normally retails for $399.99, but the company has an instant rebate going on that knocks that price down to $299.99. On top of that, Samsung is upping the trade-in values for certain older smartwatches. Sending in a four-year-old Gear S3 watch usually only saves $30, but right now it'll take off $160.

The original Galaxy Watch from 2018, typically valued for a $60 trade-in value, will also bump a full $160 off the purchase price of a new Galaxy Watch3 — allowing savvy shoppers to save $260 while snagging Samsung's newest flagship wearable for less than half its MSRP.

The Watch3 features advanced health tracking, a rotating physical bezel, and reverse wireless charging on the company's newer phones. It's not exactly an impulse purchase at $399.99, but if you're able to get it for $139.99, this might be a no brainer.