Google is rolling out some previously Pixel-exclusive photo perks to Google One subscribers. Folks that cough up the dough for that extra account storage will also enjoy the ability to add Portrait Blur and Color Pop to existing photos lacking depth data (like scans or photos from older devices) and even modify lighting courtesy of Portrait Light. On top of that, we can all look forward to a new video editor in Google Photos that offers more than 30 controls, including the ability to trim, stabilize, apply filters, brighten, rotate, crop, and straighten the frame.

Portrait Light, which landed with the Pixel 5 and 4a 5G.

Google rolled out the fairly new Portrait Light feature with the debut of the Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 last year, which lets you dynamically adjust lighting for a scene after the fact. While depth data captured when the photo was taken can help, it even works without that, thanks to machine learning. Presumably, that same model is also applied to Portrait Blur, which can also work without depth data to blur out the background of a scene, and Color Pop, which does the same to remove background colors.

These features rolled out to Google Photos as well, letting you ex-photo-facto apply background blur or pop so long as images had depth data attached. But if you imported photos from an SLR or scanned some old ones, you were out of luck. However, we knew Google was testing a program to roll out its machine-learning powered depth data features to more devices as part of a Google One Perks since last November, and as of today, that has panned out, with Portrait Blur and Portrait Light along for the ride. Google also says some other machine-learning powered "suggestion" tools will also be available for Google One subscribers, RAM and Android version willing (3GB+/Android 8.0 and later).

On top of that, the video editor that Google Photos for iOS has had for ages is finally coming to Android, bringing with it thirty total controls — not just filters, but frame-straightening, cropping, and granular edits for brightness, contrast, saturation, shadows, white point, black point, warmth, and more. And this isn't locked behind that Google One paywall, we'll all get to enjoy it.

Those photo-editing features aren't the only perks Google One subscribers get, either. Google gave them access to a complimentary VPN last year, and they also get things like a credit-based discount, free trials for Stadia Pro, and even free Nest Minis. Google One subscription prices range from $2 a month for 100GB to $10 a month for 2TB — and higher, if you need it, with yearly plans available at a discount.

The new video editor is landing "in the coming weeks," but the new Google One perks will be landing in the next few days.