Dark mode has soothed more eyes than green tea bags. Don't ask me to prove it, but you get the point. It's utterly convenient and at a time when we're glued to screens 24/7, it's more useful than ever. The Google search website, the most visited page in the world, briefly tested dark mode for desktops last year. Now, it seems like the test is being conducted again.

What seems to be new this time is that the website will be able to follow the system theme on your computer. So if you've already enabled dark mode, Google should follow up and show you a dark-themed search page. Since Windows and macOS already support system-wide themes, a lot of users will be able to make use of this feature from the get-go.

The dark mode is pretty much identical to the one we've seen on Google's Android app. It doesn't make use of a pitch black background and instead goes ahead with dark grey. The logo loses its colors and link colors are reduced to pastels.

If you don't see the search page in dark mode just yet, don't worry. Google has confirmed to The Verge that this feature is still being tested so, it might be a while before you can enjoy it on your system.